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Some quirky stories

Leave a message after the moo

A Devon farmer lost his mobile phone after accidentally inserting it into the rear end of a cow while using the device as a torch during calving. The incident was one of a list of bizarre claims compiled by the website A woman from Nottingham baked her Nokia in a Victoria sponge, and the organiser of a fireworks display in Plymouth said his iPhone had been launched 3,000ft into the air after being left in the "blast zone". In another claim, a woman from Liverpool said she had thrown her HTC phone at her cheating boyfriend but missed, hitting a wall.

A theft too far

An overambitious scrap dealer has been arrested by police in Bosnia after stealing an entire bridge. Officers in Brcko found the 39ft iron bridge, cut in half for ease of transport, in the garden of a 29-year-old man. It had been taken from the banks of a river on the town's outskirts.

Thy speedo runneth over

And the Lord spake unto Melissa Miller and said: "Go out in your silver Toyota and drive at 100mph in a 30mph zone." At least, that's what Miller told traffic officers who arrested her in Fort Pierce, Florida. "I was letting the Lord's spirit guide me," she said. She claimed the Almighty also told her to sound her horn as she did so.

Trunk and disorderly

Houses, shops and crops have been damaged by a herd of drunken elephants. The animals discovered 110 gallons of bootleg alcohol in the village of Dumurkota, east India. Police said they demolished dozens of houses while searching for more drink. Officer Ashish Samanat said: "They were like any other drunk: aggressive and unreasonable."

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