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The bit everyone skips

There used to be a really long spiel here, until it was pointed out to me that nobody wants to read a self-indulgent ramble almost as long as the Old Testament. So, in brief:

Most of my reviews appear on the LondonTheatre1 website.

My day job is as the Church Administrator for the American International Church, a United Reformed Church congregation in central London whose building is used as a rehearsal, audition and meeting room space during the week.

Requests to review your production should in the first instance go to my editor: [admin at londontheatre1 dot com].

Should you really wish to contact me directly I am on Twitter as @comaweng, or otherwise via [comaweng at yahoo dot com] (though please do try to use social media as I only check my inbox periodically, and there's so much stuff that goes to my inbox).

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