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Some quirky stories...

Richard Briggs is selling his £10,000 Action Man collection – because it takes up too much room. The 42-year-old from Somerset has spent the past decade amassing the toys, which are still in their original boxes.

A drainage tube was left inside a patient’s body for more than 50 years. The woman, from Taranto, Italy, complained of chest pains and a scan showed the 15cm (6in) tube. It was later removed.

An armed gang was arrested after the axle of their clapped-out getaway car fell off in front of a police station. The teenage robbers were being chased by officers after holding a family of five hostage in Manaus, Brazil.

A boy of two had to be freed by firefighters – after he got his head stuck in a toilet training seat. Kai Stevens pulled the seat over himself so hard that he got hammed at home in Northam, north Devon.

A groom’s father sparked a riot by hiring two strippers instead of a ‘boring’ band for the wedding. Zhang Cheng was arrested after the brawl. “The locals wanted a better look,” said a police spokesman in Xuzhou.

A pen was removed from a woman’s stomach after 25 years – and still worked. The plastic felt-tip eluded X-rays and led to health problems for the patient who claimed she fell and swallowed it when she was checking her tonsils. Exeter doctors only believed her tale after the operation.

A motorist has been thanked by city chiefs for paying a $1 parking ticket he received 58 years ago. Dale Crawford, of Houston, Texas, said he wanted to clear his conscience even though it was an ‘unnoticeable’ amount.

Pigeons caused havoc at a pharmaceutical company’s new head office after hopping on to a motion sensor for the revolving doors. The birds trooped in one by one to fly around at Celgene UK in Uxbridge, London.

Divers cleaning up a river made some unusual discoveries, including 42 shopping trolleys and 22 bikes. They also found a concrete bus stop topped with a circular sign and timetable dating back to the mid-1980s in a 45cm (150ft) stretch of the Avon in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

A dreadlocked woman was caught trying to smuggle 1.5kg (4lb 4oz) of cocaine in her hair. Nobanda Nolubabalo, 23, had flown from Brazil to Bangkok, where officials noticed her matted white locks.

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